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Andrea Campioni is a Principal with more than 24 years of experience in contaminated land assessment, risk analysis and remediation, international due diligence liability and compliance auditing, and strategic environmental management. He has managed or directed numerous contaminated site assessments for chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, steelworks, mining, non-ferrous metal and other industries. Andrea has developed and implemented complex remedial measures, addressing a wide variety of contaminants in a variety of hydrogeologic settings including more than 30 hydraulic barriers used to stop contaminant migration from large industrial facilities. He has negotiated with public authorities on contaminated sites, and has been successful in applying innovative risk assessment solutions to site remedies. He has also provided expert litigation support as well as conducting or directing environmental audits of approximately 200 industrial facilities located throughout Italy. Facilities assessed include petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, mines, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, petroleum refineries and hazardous waste storage and disposal facilities. Andrea holds an MS (Hons) in Geology and Hydrogeology. 

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