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Angela J. Harris

Senior Managing Consultant
E: aharris@ramboll.com
T: +1 501 907 9435
Fax: +1 866 570 1102

124 West Capitol Avenue
Suite 1605
Little Rock, AR 72201

Dr. Angela Harris is a board-certified toxicologist with 29 years of experience in diverse scientific areas, including toxicology, molecular biology, oncology, genetic toxicology and toxicogenomics. She has provided toxicological support and air monitoring in emergency-response situations involving the accidental release of chemicals. She has worked with federal, state and local agencies to minimize exposure of emergency-response workers and the community. Angela has acted as a consultant to litigation teams on toxicological issues related to causation. Her litigation experience includes review and interpretation of air monitoring and air sampling data; and the evaluation of the presence or absence of causal relationships between chemical exposure and adverse health issues, such as irritant, genetic, epigenetic and genomic effects. She has designed sampling plans for analyses of chemicals in environmental media (soil, sediment and indoor dust) and transfer of genetic information in genetically modified plants. Angela’s professional experience includes 22 years of laboratory research at biotechnology companies and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), using molecular biology techniques in a wide range of studies related to oncology and toxicology.