David Yeung

Managing Principal, Ramboll HK

T: +852 3465 2888

David Yeung has 20 years’ experience in the environmental consultancy field for government and private-sector clients, primarily in Hong Kong SAR. He completed environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for development proposal submission to statutory bodies for key developers, the Urban Renewal Authority and academic institutions in Hong Kong. The submission process for these assessments involved extensive consultations with district committees, green groups, the Advisory Council on Environment, senior government officials and other public stakeholders. From 1999 to 2006, David served as project manager assisting the Hong Kong SAR and Guangdong Provincial Government in the compilation of the Pearl River Delta regional emission inventory (a project running from 1997 to 2015). This involved the formulation of regional air quality control mechanisms, preparation of the emission inventory compilation handbook and implementation of the regional air quality network consisting of 16 monitoring stations. As a past chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment, David facilitated the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information on the EIA process between industry and government bodies and other organizations.

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