Joachim C Schmidtke

Principal & Managing Director, Ramboll Germany Environment & Health

T: +49 89 978 970 100

Joachim C. Schmidtke has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of environmental management, contaminated land assessment, remediation management, due diligence, loss research and prevention, technical and financial assessment of industrial risks and environmental and product liability risk assessment. He has directed several hundred contaminated land projects for automotive and petroleum sites, gasworks, steelworks, the chemical industry, engineering companies, power generation sites, pulp and paper and other facilities. He has managed more than 100 merger and acquisition (M&A) due diligence projects for a variety of industrial sectors, including multinational transactions (acquisition/divestiture) of large corporate portfolios. As team leader of an interdisciplinary group of experts from various fields, he has provided solutions for environmental projects and technical and organisational concepts for the improvement of safety management. His expertise extends over multiple industry branches. Further project examples include various feasibility studies and remediation management, process steering of ecological restoration measures, environmental site assessments to evaluate and quantify environmental liabilities from past and present site operations, facility compliance with environmental regulations, and assistance to industrial clients developing and implementing management systems to improve industrial safety. Joachim holds a Diploma (MS equivalent) in mineralogy and geology (applied geological engineering and environmental sciences).

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