Robert DeMott

PhD, DABT, Managing Principal

T: +1 813 628 4325

Dr. Robert DeMott is a board-certified toxicologist with 20 years of experience evaluating exposures to chemicals in the workplace and the environment. He has specialized in developing risk-based target levels for environmental cleanup and developing expert opinions regarding the potential for chemical exposures to cause particular health effects. Bob has prepared and directed human health and ecological risk assessments and used these analyses to support effective risk management strategies for workplace, residential and community settings. He led a scientific review panel that evaluated soil arsenic on behalf of the state of Florida and developed the recommendations that led to Florida’s revised target levels for arsenic. He also directed the first study of radiation from soil accepted by the state of Florida for establishing a local natural background level. Robert directed studies that led to the identification of sulfur gas-producing (“Chinese”) drywall as a cause of corrosion in homes and characterized the effects. He earned a BA in biology from Williams College, and a PhD from the University of Florida.

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