Reinhard Joas

Principal and Managing Director

T: +49 89 978 970 100

Reinhard has 30 years of experience consulting with governments and international bodies on global policies. He is involved in environmental policy at all levels and his expert advice includes optimisation, environmental technologies, and risk assessment and prevention. His main focus is on socio-economic consequences of environmental regulation, risk assessments, risk reduction measures and the development of new business strategies for the sustainable use of pesticides, chemicals and safety at work. He has led major projects for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the European Commission, EU parliament, national ministries, industry associations and large companies. Reinhard leads a consortium that holds a framework contract to support the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), is manager of several REACH consortia and is an international consultant for governments and industrial clients in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. He holds an engineering diploma, a diploma in economics and a PhD on the economic and ecological aspects of chlorine chemistry.

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