Scott Fishwick

Managing Consultant

T: +61 2 9954 8136

Scott Fishwick has over 11 years of environmental consulting experience, with particular expertise in air quality monitoring and management, atmospheric dispersion modelling and greenhouse gas quantification. He has extensive experience in the assessment of air quality impacts from major sources of atmospheric emissions, and has worked in the coal and minerals mining, sand and hard rock quarrying, transport infrastructure, power generation, petrochemical and steel works industries. Scott also has provided assessments of odourous activities, including sewage treatment works, waste processing and poultry farming. He received accredited training in the use of various atmospheric dispersion models, including AERMOD, CALPUFF, Ausplume and TAPM. Scott also has extensive experience in meteorological and air quality monitoring, including the installation and maintenance of real-time monitoring stations. He has provided expert witness testimony on air quality issues for a number of proceedings in the NSW Land and Environment Court. Scott has also acted as a court appointed expert witness. In addition to ambient air quality issues, he has been involved with many greenhouse gas quantification and assessment projects for a range of industries and processes. These studies often required the illustration of greenhouse gas emission reductions that can be achieved through emission minimisation and utilisation techniques. Scott earned a BSc in atmospheric science from Macquarie University.

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