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Ramboll Environ's team of professionals has been providing innovative technical and scientific solutions to clients in India and Southeast Asia for almost two decades. Together with our global network of colleagues, we enable our clients to manage their environmental, health and safety issues whilst complying with regulatory requirements and improving their business performance. Our client base includes government agencies, multinational corporations, local conglomerates, private equity firms, law firms, investment banks and financial institutions. As advocates for sustainable development, we take pride in offering high-level solutions across a broad range of consulting practice areas for all industrial and services sectors. Of particular interest to clients in the region are:

  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • EHS Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning
  • Compliance Assistance and Permitting Support
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Site Investigation and Remediation
  • Air Quality Management
  • Carbon and Energy Management
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Industrial Wastewater Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety/Industrial Hygiene
  • Process Safety Management

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