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19 June 2017

Sharing expert advice at decommissioning-themed lunch

Nathan Swankie, Principal at Ramboll Environ’s Edinburgh office, will present at Decom North Sea Lunch and Learn - Your Gateway to Decommissioning on 21st June 2017 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Hosted by Decom North Sea, a membership organisation focused on the oil and gas decommissioning sector, this event will help delegates gain an in-depth understanding of decommissioning and equip them with the right tools to become active members of this lucrative sector.

Industry experts from across the globe will come together and present on the latest technology and developments, share case studies and provide expert advice on the most effective ways of working within this industry. For more information, visit the event webpage.

Nathan Swankie’s presentation, Decom North Sea Project Update - Environmental Appraisal Guidelines, will focus on the current development of environmental appraisal guidelines. Ramboll Environ is leading a project on behalf of Decom North Sea to develop these guidelines and encourage a more proportionate and efficient approach to the assessment of environmental issues associated with offshore decommissioning. It is expected that these guidelines will be finalised for publication during Q3 following a round of industry consultation.

To find out more about the work of Decom North Sea, click here.

For more information about our participation at this event, contact Nathan Swankie.