Ramboll acquisition strengthens Nordics Environment & Health portfolio

On 1 November 2017, Ramboll acquired the business operations of Finnish-based ENW Management Oy, a Health and Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) expert services provider - including the Lawly platform.


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Lone A Clowes

Lone A. Clowes

Nordic Director, Environment & Health
T: +45 5161 5969

Jaana Tyynismaa

Country Director, Environment & Health, Finland
T: +358 40 568 2642

Established in 2003, ENW has a record of success helping clients from a wide variety of industries to operate more effectively and safely, to meet relevant regulatory requirements (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and HSE Legislation) and to develop HSEQ management systems.

Through the acquisition, Ramboll will also acquire the cloud-based platform Lawly, which enables companies to identify and administer their regulatory compliance programs.

According to Marko Keima, ENW CEO and Partner at the time of the acquisition, “Our goal is to help our customers to be compliant and develop their safety culture – not just because they have to, but because it will add value to their business".

Lone Clowes, President of Ramboll’s Environment & Health Nordics Division, commented, “The ENW service portfolio, commitment to excellence and client-centric culture are very closely aligned with Ramboll’s culture and business strategy. Within REH Nordics, the acquisition plays an integral part in our strategy to expand both our digital service offerings and our health and safety portfolio and profile”.

Nowadays the operations of small and large companies alike extend beyond country borders, and the volume of compliance obligations imposed by environmental and occupational health and safety regulations is on the rise. The demand for consultancy services in this sector will rise in tandem.

Ramboll's Environment & Health Director for Finland, Jaana Tyynismaa, noted, “The ENW acquisition and the Lawly platform position Ramboll to meet this rising demand and to play an active role in offering more user-friendly, efficient services to benefit our clients and society”.

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