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21 April 2017

Ramboll Environ at SETAC Europe 2017

Ramboll Environ is presenting and exhibiting at SETAC Europe 2017 on 7-11th May in Brussels, Belgium.

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) is a global not-for-profit society that supports the protection and management of a sustainable environment and examines the impact of chemicals and technology on our environment. SETAC has around 5500 members worldwide, made up of professionals from a range of backgrounds, from chemistry, biology and ecology to atmospheric, health and earth sciences. Read more about SETAC here.

This year’s theme is environmental quality through transdisciplinary collaboration and will highlight the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to managing key environmental issues. The meeting is expected to attract experts from academia, industry and government to share recent scientific knowledge, improve environmental risk assessment practices, and influence current and emerging regulatory policies. For more information, visit the SETAC Europe 2017 website.

Ramboll Environ’s consultants will be presenting the following technical posters on 10th May:

  • Assessing and Valuing Environmental Damage and Compensation in UK Water Bodies – Samantha Deacon (Bath, UK) and Abigail Bartram (Exeter, UK)
  • Comparative Risk Assessment (CRA) of Response Options for a Deepwater Oil Well Accident – Richard Wenning (Portland, USA)
  • Oil and Gas Field Decommissioning: Application of Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA) to Comparative Assessment to determine the best decommissioning approach - Samantha Deacon (Bath, UK)
  • Spill Impact Mitigation Assessment (SIMA) for Oil Spill Response Planning in the Arctic Environment - Richard Wenning (Portland, USA)

Ariane Ancel (Aix-en-Provence, France) will be giving a platform presentation entitled When it Has to be Done Again... Challenges in the Management of a Decade Old "Remediated" Legacy Site. The presentation is a case study of the remediation of a 30 hectare site containing former landfills and a former mineral processing site at the junction of two major rivers in France.

We’re also exhibiting so if you’re attending SETAC Europe this year, visit us on stand 35

For more information about our participation, contact Samantha Deacon.